Santa Cam

Santa Cam

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Additional informations:
  • Current version : 1.0
  • updated :
    November 10, 2017
  • size : unknown
  • Requires android : unknown
  • installs : 500+

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App description

Welcome to our Magical Santa Cam App!!

What’s this all about?

Every year, from his home in the North Pole, Santa Claus watches children all over the world to see if they are being well behaved in the run up to Christmas.

With the population growing every year, there are more children to watch now than ever before. Santa is finding it increasingly difficult keeping his eye on all the children and while he is very magical, there are only so many hours in the day.

Not knowing how to solve this problem, Santa called an emergency meeting with his Elves and asked them for ideas. While Santa was quite traditional (he’s very old you know), many of his Elves were much more technologically advanced.

During their brain-storming session, Colin, the Head Elf came up with a great idea! He suggested they install video surveillance cameras in children’s houses. The Elves could make these ‘Santa Cams’ in the toy workshop, deliver them to homes all over the world and connect each camera to TV screens in the North Pole Control Room! Santa could then relax from the comfort of his armchair (with a mince pie) to watch each child and decide which List they should go on.

Use your Santa Cam App to track behaviour in your home and make the run up to Christmas this year more magical than ever before.

What are the features in the Santa Cam App?

Our magical Santa Cam App has some awesome features that will leave your whole family amazed and excited about Christmas this year!

• Personalise the App so the screens feature your Son or Daughter’s name
• From our main Menu Screen you can access the Settings Page. Our clever passcode function keeps little ones away from our ‘behind the scenes’ magic.
• See the view of your lounge or child’s play room from your Santa Cam*
• Watch your child’s face light up in amazement when they realise Santa really is watching them!*
• Use the daily behaviour tracker as a reward and motivation tool. Give praise and discuss any behaviour goals for the next day
• Let your Son or Daughter visit the personalised ‘Nice’ List Generator to see which list they are. Will it be Naughty or Nice? Santa’s app will calculate the result from the Behaviour Tracker.
• Depending on behaviour that week, your child will receive a ‘Congratulations, you’re on the ‘Nice List’ message or may be asked to try harder!

Our Amazing Santa Cam to work with this app can be purchased on our website or Facebook Page.